Yury Petrovich Kiselev


USSR Peoples Actor
USSR and RSFSR State Prize Laureate
The Stage Director of the Komsomol Saratov Youth Theater
The Honorary citizen of Saratov

The most glorious period of the theaters life is associated with the name of Yury Petrovich Kiselev (1914-1996) - USSR Peoples Actor, Laureate of numerous USSR and RSFSR State Prizes, one of the founders of International Theaters Association for Children and Youth (ASSITEZH).

Under his supervision the basic aesthetic and educational principles of family theater were developed. His followers and associates (among them theatre director, RSFSR Meritorious Art Doer V. I. Davydov, artist, RSFSR Meritorious Art Doer N. A. Arkhangelky, composer E. P. Kamenogradsky; outstanding stage maestros USSR Peoples Actresses Valentina Ermakova, Zoya Spirina, USSR Peoples Actors Alexandr Stchyogolev, Nikolay Mikheev; RSFSR Meritorious Actors and Actresses Zinaida Chernova, Serafima Fomina, Pavel Tkachev, Vasily Ermolaev, Aleksey Bysrtryakov, Vasily Nachinkin, Oleg Balakin) under Kiselevs supervision were building the Saratov Youth Theater. They managed to unite smoothly esthetic and educational principles, which promoted the establishment of true family theater.

In 2007, Yu. P. Osherov, Peoples Actor of the Russian Federation, became the Artistic Director of the theater, and G. S. Tsinman, Peoples Actor of the Russian Federation, took over as Stage Director. The Saratov Youth Theater consistently embraces the concepts of benevolence and human dignity, bringing them into everyday life through highly artistic performances, capturing the audience through their persuasiveness and sincerity. Four generations of spectators have come through the school of this theater, theater of benevolence, generosity, theater of the most sincere and delicate feelings. There is always a sell out in the theater. Parents watch performances together with their children, teachers and professors with pupils, students grandparents with their grandchildren.

A lot of attention has been always paid to the process of personnel selection. The theater studio has always been an essential part of the Saratov Youth Theater, and specially oriented courses have been organized in the I.A. Slonov Theater College and in the L.V. Sobinov Saratov Conservatoire where people carefully continue working together for a common result, attaching young actors to the profession, kind theater traditions. At present RF Peoples Actors and Actresses Svetlana Lavrentieva, Yury Osherov, Alexandr Soloviev, RF Meritorious Actors and Actresses Valentina Strogonova, Tamara Lykova, Alexandr Fedorov, Nina Panteleva, Elena Vovnenko, Olga Kutina, Tatiana Lukina, Iliya Volodarsky work in the theater. The Saratov Youth Theaters stage has become a school for RF Peoples Actor (at present works in Moscow MKHAT), V.A. Krasnov, RF Peoples Actor (at present works in Moscow MKHAT) S. V. Sosnovsky etc