Saratov Academic Kiselev Youth Theater presents the opening night of the fairy tale performance “The Hedgehog and the Christmas Tree” based on the play by Sergey Kozlov on the Small Stage on the 27th of December, 2012.

Saratov Academic Kiselev Youth Theater presents the new performance — the New Year fairy tale “The Hedgehog and the Christmas Tree” based on the play by Sergey Kozlov on the Small Stage of new theater’s building. Director – Artem Kuzin, production-designer – Olga Kolesnukova.

The first reading-performance of this work Saratov audience saw in terms of the festival-laboratory “The Forth Height. From A to Z: An alphabet of children’s theater” that took place from the 3rd to 6th of December 2012. For the first time a young director from Saratov, theater’s actor Artem Kuzin participated in the laboratory. He is known to the Saratov audience by his bright musical performances on the Big Stage of new theater’s building – “The New Year in the New House” and “How to Find a Road to the Sun?” On the laboratory he presented the reading performance of the play by Sergey Kozlov “The Hedgehog and the Christmas Tree”. This was the second work of young director on Sergey Kozlov’s plays, in the theater’s repertoire for several years there was a performance based on his book “Along the Green Hills of Oceania” staged by Artem Kuzin.

Sergey Grigorievich Kozlov is a famous Russian children’s writer and a poet whose works are also liked by many parents. He is known mostly by his stories about the Hedgehog and the Bear, the script for “The Hedgehog in the Fog” animation and also stories of the Lion and the Turtle who sing the famous song about laying under the sun and watching the sun. Sergey Kozlov graduated from the Literature Institute as a poet, he started writing tales for children in 60s.  

It’s impossible to imagine the fairy tales by Sergey Kozlov without humor, tenderness and lyrical atmosphere as it’s impossible to imagine the New Year without the Christmas tree. But what will the Hedgehog, the Bear and their friend the Squirrel do if the Snowstorm has hidden the last pine tree under its snow banks that are high as mountains and deep as see? The clock is showing midnight coming, the tasty pie is on the furnace, all provision stored in the basement is taken out for the feast but the main attribute of the holiday is missing. To find a Christmas tree to greet the coming New Year properly friends embark on a journey to the market in town, meeting on the way the Wolf and the Fox with the same concern. What have come from it and what adventures awaited our favorite characters, whether they have found a Christmas tree until the clock stroke twelve or not we suggest our spectators to discover themselves coming to the theater during the New Year holidays.

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